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Farm Update: Seeding and More Rain

Hello Folks,

I guess that you do not need to hear it from me, but it was a rainy week- almost five inches here on the farm. Most of it-four inches, fell Sunday afternoon and evening. Fortunately, there were a few dry days in between that allowed me to get some seed planting done. Some of what we grow is transplanted, but a lot of crops; spinach, cilantro, arugula, beans and all the root crops are direct seeded. We use mechanical seeders that are mounted to a small tractor- the Allis-Chalmers G. When the soil is too wet the seeders will not work properly to cover the seeds. Of course, planting immediately before a deluge is not recommended either, but at times there is no choice. Now we may need to take steps to ensure the seed can break through the hard crust that forms on the surface, as the sun bakes the mud. All the low-lying parts of the fields have standing water, some with planting beds formed but fortunately, not planted. Plant roots need air and when the soil is saturated the plant suffers and often wilts and dies, as has occurred with a few hundred of our snapdragons.

The good news is that the brassicas like a lot of water and we have loads of nice broccoli continuing to head up and some cauliflower as well. We should have enough for all groups this week so we will be including kale in the shares and not using it as a substitute. The eggplant began to yield heavily late last week, so some groups received it, those who did not can expect it this week. We also have fresh, sweet onions in the share. These are varieties that are not as pungent, but do not keep well. They have green tops and can be refrigerated (or not) but use them soon.

The share for this week will be: Summer squash, choice of spinach or Swiss chard, kale, lettuce, broccoli, sweet onions, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, and choice of an herb (cilantro or dill). Premium shares will also include fennel and bok choi.


Farmer John


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